23 May 2018 : News, Facts, Figures & Key Projects

Since September 2016: The Nord-Stream 2 project... 5 million tons of line pipe segments to get concrete weight coated and prepared on time at the right location, in order to build 2 new gas pipelines from Russia to Germany... more details available on

"Pipe On Track" & "CAPLog" (2012-2016), cooperating with several partners, to different pipeline construction projects, for different customers... more details available on

The Nord Stream Project ... Nord Stream is a twin pipeline system through the Baltic Sea transporting 55 billion cubic meters (bcm) per year of natural gas from Russia to Europe, and fully operational since October 2012. We participated to this great project as Planning Manager for Eupec-Pipecoatings (Concrete Weight Coating & Logistics contractor). Strengthened by this success we then launched "Pipe on Track"

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  • May 2012 Philippe Cattelain, aka "Mr Ahead the Schedule", left the project... Job was done on schedule & within budget
  • April 2012 NorSea Group, Eupec key partner for logistics, delivered the last pipe to the laying barge, on the Nord Stream Project, ahead the schedule
  • November 2011 Last pipe was concrete weight coated by Eupec, on schedule
  • October 2011 Last pipe for the project delivered from Mülheim, on schedule
  • September 2011 First gas coming through Line 1, from Russia to Germany, on schedule
  • May 2011 Nord Stream lays last pipe of first gas pipeline, on schedule
  • April 2011 First 2000 km concrete weight coated, on schedule
  • May 2010 First 1000 km concrete weight coated, on schedule
  • March 2010 First pipe loaded out towards the lay barge, on schedule
  • November 2009 Start of production in Kotka (Finland), on schedule
  • Mars 2009 Start of production in Mukran (Germany), on schedule
  • November 2008 Start of plant construction in Kotka (Finland) + erection during winter
  • May 2008 Start of plant construction in Mukran (Germany), on schedule
  • April 2008 Philippe Cattelain joined Eupec-pipecoatings as Planning & Scheduling Manager for the Nord Stream Project...

MARCO POLO - NEW WAYS OF GREEN HORIZON. Marco Polo is managed by the European Commission's Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation. Thanks to his expertise in Green Logistics, last June 2010 & Feb 2012, Philippe Cattelain, was recruited as evaluator for the Marco Polo Projects.

and the winner is ... the environment !
  • Last June 9th CAPLog was awarded one of the "Trophées 2010 de la Performance Environnementale"

  • Thanks to our constant efforts in promoting best practices and Green Supply Chain, the Regional Chamber of Commerce favoured us with their specific award.

"Think ahead, Move sustainable" : let's start from a "green consultancy" ...
  • 2009 : 31% "teleconsulting" from Lille through Internet, VOIP and Video tools, 82% "carpooling" along the 80 days we had to move to the Dunkirk area, ~90% of our business trips to airports were made by train
  • 2009 : Development of our ecological network ... Green Logistics Consultants Group, Association Seine Nord-Europe (a french society promoting the high capacity inland waterway between Paris and the Benelux)

"Nord Stream Project" (2008-2012) : CAPLog is participating to the Nord-Stream Project. Our task is to coordinate the whole Project Planning for Eupec-pipecoatings ... ie: Global scheduling, Plant erection planning in Finland & Germany, production planning and Logistics organisation from Coating to Laying in the Baltic sea...

"Canal Seine-Nord Europe" (2008-2015) : By 2015, the Seine Nord Europe high capacity canal was supposed to flow to the Dunkirk Escaut canal, linking the Seine river to 20 000 km of high capacity European inland waterways. A core project and a key opportunity for your sustainable logistics scheme in Europe.

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